Looking for Event Space

Mo-Kan would like to start a youth bridge education program on Saturday mornings!  We are looking for space to hold the lesson followed by supervised play.  A snack in between the lesson and play would be provided.  The program would be either free or for a nominal fee.  In order to do that, the space needs to be offered either free or at minimal cost.  We would need the space from about 9:30 to noon, or possibly 9 to 11:30.  We’d like to offer it beginning the second Saturday in October.  If you know of an organization that could help us out, have them email us or message us.

Learning bridge teaches one how to think, not what to think!  China, India, and Europe are way ahead of us!

If we get this going, we will also be in need of volunteer bridge teachers ( or almost volunteer) and volunteer table coaches.  If you would like to help please let Lynne or Kathy, your Kansas City area board members know!

Summer Bridge Lessons


Friday Morning Bridge Lessons for Youth

or for Adults Accompanied by Youth Students!

Held in conjunction with the Friendly Friday Duplicate Game, beginning lessons for kids ages 10 and up.   Adults can attend the lessons at the same cost as well for $5 as long as they come with a child!  Make it a family affair!

We are done for this summer, but hope to do it again next year!  We had 11 kids participating on a consistent basis, 10 of those also moved into playing duplicate!  Several earned master points even when playing against life masters!