Mo-Kan Bridge Academy Organizational Structure

Mo-Kan Bridge Academy is incorporated in the State of Missouri as a non-profit corporation.  We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donors can deduct contributions made to us under IRC Section 170.  Please consult your tax advisor.

Current Board:
Sandi WITT

TERM ENDS 12-31-24

President (contact her)



TERM ENDS 12-31-25

VICE-PRESIDENT (contact her)


Kathy Rolfe,

TERM ENDS 12-31-26,

 Secretary-Treasurer (contact her)


Contact us:  816-237-0519
Mo-Kan Bridge Academy, 490 N Winnebago DR, Lake Winnebago, MO 64034

You can find our Articles of Incorporation here.

Our  bylaws:  Mo-Kan Bridge Bylaws 180116

Our Whistle Blower Policy:  MoKan Whistleblower policy

Our Conflict of Interest Policy:  MoKan Conflict of Interest Policy


Minutes 180116

Minutes 181109

email agreements 18119-181221

Minutes 181226

email agreements 2019

Minutes Dec 29 2019 Board Meeting

Approved Minutes Dec 23 2020 Board Meeting

Approved Minutes Dec 29 2021 Board Meeting

Approved Minutes Dec 29 2022 Board Meeting

Approved Minutes Dec 27 2023 Board Meeting