Membership (or perhaps subscription)

While we are non-member organization per our incorporation documents with the State of Missouri, we will be offering memberships or subscriptions which provide a higher level of involvement in our non-profit and also some benefits.  Being a member does not provide voting rights, this is an organization that is self-perpetuated by the Board of Directors.

Since we do not yet have a single physical facility, from which to enjoy many of our benefits in the form of playing and learning space, we are offering our initial membership valid through 12-31-2020.  After the initial membership, renewal will be for one year for just $25.  Any initial memberships purchased after 2019 will be for $125 for just one calendar year.  Renewals, still at $25 per year.  (We anticipate being in our own space before year end 2020.)

What does a membership get you?

Membership provides discounts!

  • $2 discount per game offered by Mo-Kan Bridge Academy.
  • $2 discount per lesson offered by Mo-Kan Bridge Academy.

Membership provides involvement!

Beginning in 2019, to serve as an officer, will require a membership in Mo-Kan Bridge Academy.  We would expect Board Members to also be members if they are bridge players, but it is not required in order to be a Board Member.

To serve as a committee chair will also require membership.  As we move forward several committees will be forming.  We welcome volunteers on our committees.  To serve as a volunteer but not the chair would not require membership.  We would hope to hear suggestions for improvements,  as well as nominations for directors and officers, from our members.

How to join?  Mail a check payable to M0-Kan Bridge Academy with membership in the memo.  Mail to:  PO BOX 232, Greenwood, MO 64034-0232.  You may also join by paying at any Mo-Kan sponsored event you attend.  Or just catch one of our Board Members and tell them you are ready to join!