Membership (or perhaps subscription)

While we are non-member organization per our incorporation documents with the State of Missouri, we will be offering memberships or subscriptions which provide a higher level of involvement in our non-profit and also some benefits.  Being a member does not provide voting rights, this is an organization that is self-perpetuated by the Board of Directors.

Since we do not yet have a single physical facility, from which to enjoy many of our benefits in the form of playing and learning space, we are offering our initial membership valid through 12-31-2024.  After the initial membership, renewal will be for one year for just $25.  Any initial memberships purchased after 2023 will be for $125 for just one calendar year.  Renewals, still at $25 per year.  (We anticipate being in our own space before year end 2025.)

What does a membership get you?
Membership provides discounts!

  • $2 discount per game offered by Mo-Kan Bridge Academy.
  • $2 discount per lesson offered by Mo-Kan Bridge Academy.

Membership provides involvement!

How to join?  Mail a check payable to M0-Kan Bridge Academy with membership in the memo.  Mail to:  PO BOX 232, Greenwood, MO 64034-0232.  You may also join by paying at any Mo-Kan sponsored event you attend.  Or just catch one of our Board Members and tell them you are ready to join!