Donations and Volunteers Needed!

This article goes a long way to explaining why we think this charitable organization is needed in the KC Metro area.

With our newly achieved status of a charitable organization 501(c)3 we are in fundraising mode!  We need your help to turn the metropolitan Kansas City area, in particular, into the recognized leader in promoting the benefits of playing bridge to people of all ages!

We have a matching donor!  For donations made between Oct. 5, 2019 and April 30, 2020, this donor will match them up to a total of $20,000.

Has the game of bridge been beneficial in your life or in the life of someone you care about?
Has it provided social connections, intellectual challenges, scholarship money?
I know it has provided me with both social connections and intellectual challenges over the years and has allowed me to in turn provide those for others, as well as provide scholarship money for some. Kathy Rolfe


Kathy, I believe in what you do. I’ve borne witness from two different angles. First, the children you taught and how it developed their intellect and social skills. And, now living in Florida, I see the elderly who are playing bridge and are incredibly sharp for their age. Two of the women are in their 90’s. Are they playing bridge because they are sharp and enjoy the game or are they sharp because they’ve been playing bridge for years? To me it doesn’t matter, the fact is, bridge is a part of their lives at age 90, and that’s amazing!

Best wishes, 



To take full advantage of the matching donor funds Mo-Kan just needs to find 100 people willing to step up and PAY IT FORWARD!
If 100 people were to donate $200 each, we would reach our goal!  We already have 1 donor at $200, so now we just need 99 more.  Will you be one of them?  UPDATE:  We need 94.5 more $200 donations!

With this initial $40,000 fund drive we hope to move into our first leased space and grow our base for lessons and games.  We will continue to fund raise beyond that, hoping to get into a much larger, multi-functional space to increase our outreach as we continue to grow.

While we are fundraising we will begin offering classes, particularly to youth and to their family members.  Those classes will be held wherever anyone will host us!  We are looking for libraries, churches, community centers, country clubs, etc. to offer us space at a nominal fee or no fee to begin offering these classes.  The classes will be led by paid accredited bridge teachers only, but we are looking for volunteers to help out as table coaches as well.  If you are interested in joining our list of teachers or volunteers, or if you have space available for holding classes – please contact us!

The longer term goal is to raise enough funds to either lease or own our own space.  That facility will have its own instructional room as well as a separate large playing area.  Of course, plenty of clean restroom facilities, kitchen space, coat storage space, parking space, and the latest in duplicate bridge equipment along with comfortable chairs with plenty of space around those tables and chairs, will also be included in that plan.  As funds are raised we will begin to look into options for that facility’s location, hopefully in Lee’s Summit to encourage both existing players and new players in both states to give us a try.  If you know of a suitable property, let us know!

Like what you’ve read so far?  Want to make a tax deductible donation?

Or you can donate by contacting any of our Board Members.  (The amount that is tax deductible will depend on your own tax situation.  Please consult your tax advisor.)  You can mail a donation directly to Mo-Kan Bridge Academy, PO BOX 232, Greenwood, MO 64034-0232.

If you wish to make a donation of shares of stock, please contact the Treasurer for transfer information. Want to avoid even more taxes?  Consider making an IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution. Seniors 70 ½ years of age and over, can transfer their IRA distribution directly to charity. By going directly to charity, the money is not included in the IRA owner’s income and is not taxed. This preserves the full amount for charitable purposes. Ask your IRA administrator to make a qualified distribution to Mo-Kan Bridge Academy.

Even if you can’t donate money right now, consider volunteering or at least letting others know of this organization.  They might be interested in learning to play bridge or they might be willing to donate.  So help get the word out there!



Games – Location and Times

Friendly Friday Duplicate



Jan. 10 Game Results

Jan. 3, 2020 Game Results

Dec. 13 STaC & Christmas Party

A good time was had by all!

Oct. 20 Teacher and Director Appreciation Unit Championship Game
(Masterpoints are final – had to change to a club championship since we didn’t get in 18 boards.  Next time we do this we need at least 9 tables!)

Oct. 4 Game Results
Sep. 27 Results
Aug. 2 Game Results : Congrats to Rose for  your first master points on your birthday!  Happy Birthday!


Day:  Fridays 10:30 a.m. .  SANCTIONED GAME!  Member of the Common Game! NEXT GAME:  March 13 will be directed by Kathy Rolfe.  Helpful for food planning if you let Kathy know you are coming.

Contact the director, Kathy Rolfe,  if you have any questions or need a partner.  Or just to let her know you plan on playing!


Holy Spirit Catholic Church
1800 SW State Route 150
Lee’s Summit, MO

The church is located on the north side of 150 Highway,  second street on the right west of Ward Road (SW Arboridge Dr.) or the first left east of Pryor Road (SW Arboridge Dr.)

When:  10:30 a.m. to approximately 2:00 p.m.
Play begins promptly at 10:30, please arrive a few minutes early so you can be in your seats and ready to go by 10:30!


  • $8 for non-members of Mo-Kan Bridge Academy
  • $6 for Mo-Kan Bridge Academy  members.  (See Membership.)
  • We will let you have your first play at the discounted Mo-Kan Membership price if you are an ACBL member.

What is included?

  • Beverages, snacks, and lunch
  • Guaranteed partner if necessary
  • Pre-duplicated boards with hand records.
  • Member of The Common Game.  You will have results emailed to you if you are an ACBL member with your email on file.
  • Results will also be posted on this website.

Games Offered

Novice Game:   (0 to 20 masterpoints) stratified within this bracket if possible.  3 table minimum required.  If less than 3 tables, players will need to play in the open game.

Open Game:  Players can hold any number of masterpoints and play in this game.  Stratification within this game whenever possible, dependent on number of tables in play.

Partnership Guaranteed

This is a pair duplicate game which means you will be playing with the same partner throughout.  We encourage you to find a partner with whom you are comfortable.  However, if you need us to find a partner for you we will make every effort to do so ahead of the game if you contact us.  If a partner has not been found or if you suddenly find yourself without a partner, you can still come to the game.  We will either match you up with someone else in a similar situation at the game, or you will play with the game director as your partner.  Bear in mind, if you come to the game without a partner, you may have to play in the open game if your partner is not eligible to play in the novice game.

Contact the director, Kathy Rolfe ,  if you have any questions or need a partner, or just to let her know you plan on playing!


  • We MAY cancel our game anytime the Lee’s Summit R7 School District is closed due to bad weather.  Check with the director if not sure.
  • We might need to cancel on short notice due to unexpected Church events.  Those who have let us know they plan on coming will get an email notice of cancellation.
  • Game cancellations will be noted on this page when they happen.  NO  Game  Jan. 17, 24 & 31 .  No games in February.